Technology Enabled Learning for Sales Effectiveness

Technology Enabled Learning for Sales Effectiveness

Today, selling has become challenging like never before for sales people. On one side they have to keep up to the caliber of an increasingly well-informed and savvy customer. On the other side, they have to match up to the aggression and innovation of competitors.

Organizations find sales training to be an important requirement to achieve business objectives which is confirmed by a recent report released by Aberdeen group. However, the key challenge in developing sales people is taking them away from the field for training purposes.

In this day where content becomes outdated and irrelevant much faster, what are the best methods to impart useful and effective knowledge to your mobile sales force?

The only solution to this problem is that if sales people cannot come to training room, training needs to be taken to the sales people. Thanks to the multitude of technological options available today, it is not just simple but cost-effective.

As a first step, you convert your existing classroom material into eLearning modules. Once this is done you need to make it compatible for multiple devices and then launch it on your company’s internet or LMS.

Your eLearning implementation does not end here. The next stage is to create a buzz about the courses internally by pushing information to sales people’s mobile devices.

1. Promote and enthuse your sales team about the courses
2. Educate them on how the courses are going to help them perform better
3. Prove its relevance by sharing specific instances on how the training will impact their sales targets

From our experience we have noticed that organizations generally stop at the first stage and as a result their eLearning implementation does not meet the expected results. Sales people being action oriented and hands-on people will easily embrace technology enabled learning – be it mobile learning or eLearning as long as the learning helps them in achieving their targets.

  • Its not just competition and customer-savviness, there’s also the fact that the economy is down and that people are more reluctant to buy. Training in new techniques seems to be the only way to combat these issues, as sales people nowadays have to give their leads more trust and confidence signals than ever before. This only comes from adopting new techniques.