An Interesting Way to Teach Supply Chain Management

An Interesting Way to Teach Supply Chain Management

Interesting Way to Teach Supply Chain Management

Supply Chain Management (SCM) deals with getting the right products to the right customers, at the right time, and in right quantities and covers everything from raw materials management, all the way through to consumption. It includes various activities including purchasing, manufacturing, warehousing, transportation, customer service, demand planning, as well as the overall management of these activities.

In an organization many employees from different departments, are involved in logistics and Supply Chain Management. The employees who work closely with the operations have a good knowledge of the entire process. However, many employees who work infrequently for Supply Chain are not familiar with the processes. They either provide inputs to SCM, or receive outputs of SCM. Consequently, they do not have a good knowledge of the process, for which they are working.

So, how effective will their work be, when they do not have a clear idea of the end result? Is classroom training worthwhile to teach SCM? Or is there any quick and attention-grabbing way to train your professionals on SCM?

Organizations can benefit by providing all employees who are directly/ indirectly involved in the process, with the basics of Supply Chain. There are various training methods available in today’s mobile world, among which videos are seen to be more effective to teach SCM.

Scientists of the RUB [Ruhr-University Bochum] Department for Neurophysiology have proven that “we don’t need to actively explore new environments in order to learn, but that passively watching new information on a computer screen leads to the same sustained changes in the strengths of nerve cell connections in the brain”.

Videos are beneficial for learning as they are:

  • Short, interesting, and are a highly engaging way to deliver the learning material.
  • Rich and powerful medium, which gains constant learner attention.
  • Effective in explaining very complex concept, in little time.
  • Convenient for using on multiple platforms such as mobile, iPad, etc.
  • Flexible, as they provide anywhere, anytime access.

We have developed videos on SCM for a few clients. These have proven to be more effective than the lengthy classroom trainings.

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