Promoting E-learning in Organizations: 3 Lessons from Super Bowl 2014

Promoting E-learning in Organizations: 3 Lessons from Super Bowl 2014

We have new Super Bowl Champions this year – Sea hawks! Exciting for some, disappointment for others. In many ways this Super Bowl was different from the rest – what with the hype, excitement, social media buzz.

What can organizations that are trying to promote eLearning among their employees learn from this year’s Super Bowl event?

Experiment, innovate and cast your net wide

This year’s Super Bowl was played in cold weather in an outdoor stadium. What this means is that it has opened up many more possible venues such as Washington DC, Philadelphia or Denver for that matter. It means more people have the opportunity to now experience the excitement of the event in their city.

What does this teach an organization wanting to implement eLearning? Don’t limit the access of online learning to just office PCs. Innovate and try new media. Provide the flexibility to employees to access lessons from anywhere – through tablet PCs, smartphones. Also, provide them with the flexibility to access lessons in multiple formats – videos, podcasts, apps or simple plain PDF documents. With mobile learning you can enable employees working in remote areas access to knowledge sharing and transfer.

Create a buzz and let your eLearning initiatives be the talking point

Some say, quite a number of people are more excited more about the Super Bowl commercials than the big game itself! Check out on the Internet and you will see loads and loads of conversations happening about Super Bowl Commercials – the best ones, the worsts ones and so on. The bottom line here is that people talk about the ad, product and the company.

So, when you launch eLearning initiatives in your organization, create the buzz a few days before the launch. Have a teaser campaign. Create posters and put them up near water coolers, canteens or any other place where employees tend to socialize in the organization. Generate curiosity and interest through emails and SMSs. Use the intranet or the corporate portal to make announcements or messages from the top management with respect to the eLearning initiative.

Strike a chord by appealing to the emotional need of the employees

Look at all the commercials that are launched during the Super Bowl season. They all try to appease some need or the other of the customer. They make it a matter of national pride to be involved with the event.

Training and skills development is as much an employee’s need as the organization’s. Organizations might change but the skill remains with the employee. So, employees need to feel honored that their organization is providing them with an opportunity to build skills that will remain with them life-long after they leave the organization. Tell them how the training or eLearning course would benefit them in their job and in the long run.

So, what are your sentiments about this year’s Super Bowl event? How were they different from the previous years?

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