Wish List of Training and Development Professionals

Wish List of Training and Development Professionals

Wish List of Training and Development Professionals

I read a discussion in LinkedIn ASTD group, where the learning and training professionals shared their wish list for a successful training department. I have categorized it under various headings Hope you find it interesting reading.


  • One of the most important things required is a commitment from the top table that the training of staff improves the bottom line and is a necessary commodity in the growth of any organization.
  • Complete customer stakeholder/leadership support.
  • Accountability and reform begin at the top. Culture thrives in this environment.
  • Top management unstinted belief and support to development initiatives.


  • Clearly defined vision, mission, values and principles that the board of directors and all the executive leadership team members are aligned in lock step with commitment to instilling, embracing and supporting throughout the enterprise.
  • Alignment of the HRD area with the organizations strategy.
  • Elimination of the mindset training and of a “Training Department.” Put in place a performance-based approach where training is a part of the paradigm, but not the driver.
  • We don’t NEED anything financial. What we need is a shift in mentality – from the organization, leadership, departments, learners, and even ourselves.


  • A fully dedicated training and idea generating facility equipped with all the latest gadgets and toys to help the organization grow.
  • Talent! I would ask for talent. The training part is easy with top talent.


  • Free iPads with our IT and /or HR courses so you can have the toys, have access to working offline or where Wi-Fi is not available.
  • Get out of the classroom! Experiential learning is worth the investment
  • What is needed are qualified people who want to help others learn. I found that most training, whether e-learning/CBT/WBT/ILT or other forms, were successful when designed by those that are passionate about teaching.
  • Talent and Content Quality.

Training Evaluation

  • Student response systems and classroom management software!
  • Having money/talent available that would allow evaluation of the success [and yes, failure] of training interventions over time.

So, what according to you as a learning and training professional is the important factor that organizations should incorporate to make the training programs a success.

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