10 Tips to Increase E-learning Project Success Rate

10 Tips to Increase E-learning Project Success Rate

10 Tips to Increase E-learning Project Success Rate

As an eLearning Project Manager, I have worked with various eLearning stakeholders and successfully executed many eLearning projects. I have faced many hurdles while managing the projects. Many a times, I have felt these hurdles could have been avoided if these simple tips had been followed.

Here in this blog, I want to share 10 important tips that help to increase the project success rate.


1. Communication is the key for an eLearning Project Manager. Always communicate with your eLearning stakeholders (internal and external), early and frequent.

2. Never assume anything; even though the client requirement looks trivial and insignificant, ask the client about it and clear your doubts.

3. Follow 3L’s – First Listen, then Learn and Lead

“Seek first to understand and then to be understood” – Stephen Covey

4. Update the scope on a regular basis. Even if it is a small point, please add it to your scope document. This will be helpful for you to analyze during the closure meetings whether you were able to achieve the client expectations.

5. Plan everything ahead but be sure that your plans are flexible to your team. If you plan to do something, stick to it come what may. You can play with the timelines within individual tasks, but do not alter the main deadline of the project.

6. Always have a Plan B. (Sometimes something may happen, which may not be in your control; so it’s better to be prepared with alternative ways.)

7. Prioritize the tasks efficiently and think strategically.

8. Don’t be either team centric or client centric, but always maintain a balance.

9. Mitigate all Project Risks and then your project will be successful.

10. Conduct status meetings on a daily or weekly basis with your eLearning stakeholders (internal and external).

Have more tips? Please do share!

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