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Basic Structure for New Employee Orientation Course – Free Presentation

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Basic Structure for New Employee Orientation Course

Employee orientation program is an important step that an organization needs to take in order to integrate its new employees into its work system and culture. It is an excellent opportunity for relation building where organizations can help employees align themselves to organizational objectives. The duration it takes for a new employee to settle into the new system largely depends on the effectiveness of an employee orientation program.

These programs ought to focus less on the company but more on employees and their welfare. They provide a forum for an organization to share its goals and objectives on the one hand but most importantly these programs help employees to adapt to the job and the working environment on the other hand. This is in fact an important element in the recruitment and retention process.
So, how do you plan an employee orientation program? What should it constitute? To explore more about it , check out this presentation on : “Basic Structure for New Employee Orientation Course”.

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