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Practical and Hands-on Strategy for E-Learning Design & Development

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Practical and Hands-on Strategy for E-Learning Design & Development

American Society of Training and Development (ASTD) did a survey a couple of years ago to estimate the development time of an eLearning course. It identified three factors that impact the time to develop an eLearning course. They are

  • Scope of work
  • Technology and
  • Review time

Our own experience in eLearning design and development mirrors ASTD’s findings. We have seen that the key to developing eLearning courses that have maximum learning impact lies in

  • Setting clear cut expectations with key stakeholders
  • Understanding the needs of target audience
  • Employing the right learning strategy
  • Choosing tools and technology appropriately

In order to help learning professionals who wish to foray into the world of eLearning development, CommLab India has compiled an eBook titled – Best Practices in E-Learning Design and Development. This eBook provides a practical and hands-on strategy for learning professionals who wish to fine-tune their knowledge on eLearning design and development. The eBook could be a handy guide and a reference tool to the novice as well as to the seasoned learning professional who wishes to brush up his knowledge on the exacting processes and procedures of eLearning development.

You could get a copy of this free eBook now! Just click on the image below and fill in a simple form giving your details and get a no obligation access to the free resource.

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