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Communication Strategies to Promote E-learning in Your Organization

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Communication Strategies to Promote E-learning in Your Organization

Efficiency of a marketing campaign determines the direction of the sales of a product. Employing proper strategies to market your e-learning product makes your employees aware of its benefits, shows you the results of the goals and ROI. Three foundational concepts include adult learning motivation, promotional mix and communication goals. Promotional strategies and communication goals work hand in hand to achieve the best outcome of your e-learning promotional campaign.

Want to know more about the challenges involved in marketing e-learning and how to overcome them? Check out the below webinar communication strategies for marketing e-learning which covers the following

  • Why Market eLearning?
  • Three Foundational Concepts
  • Top 10 Strategies for Promoting eLearning
  • Challenges in Marketing eLearning
  • Overcoming Challenges

Access the webinar here!

View Webinar on Communication Strategies for Marketing eLearning


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