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4 Proven Strategies for Successfully Promoting E-learning in Your Organization

Written By Arjun Kumar Dwaraka

4 Proven Strategies for Successfully Promoting E-learning in Your Organization

Do you want to promote eLearning in your organization? Are you looking for ways of doing it? Come with me. I will take you through the Success story of John, a Training Manager in a global organization.

John recognized the importance of promoting eLearning in his organization. He was successful in getting the required budget from the top level management to promote eLearning in his organization. Let us see what those strategies are, that received 1000 registrations within a week of its launch.

Interactive Posters:

John analyzed where his employees spend most of their time in the office, apart from being at their desk. He found the top 2 places – cafeteria and the lift lobby. He created posters with the characters that are used in the course along with the short description of what the course is about and affixed them in those two areas. This caught the attention of the employees about the eLearning course in the organization. Very innovative idea, right?

Interactive Posters

Personalized Items (comprising T Shirt, sticky notes and head phones):

John thought that delighting the employees as soon as they register for the course with the gifts can increase the course registrations. So John offered some personalized items (T Shirt and headphones), which the learners will receive as soon as they register for the course. This idea paid him well.

Personalized Items

Desktop Wallpapers:

What do people immediately see after switching on their PC or laptop? Their desktop wallpaper, right? John had the idea of making promotions through the desktop wallpaper as it immediately catches learners’ attention. He created attractive wallpapers that had the information about the launch date of the course and also on how and where to register and made it as the desktop wallpaper. This idea also generated enough attention among employees in the organization.

Desktop Wallpapers

Advertisement in the Social Media Portal:

You must be thinking what an organization’s social media portal is? Well, in John’s organization, employees spend their spare time on this platform. The social media portal has all information about what is happening in the company. As the organization is global, any news that is in the portal is bound to attract employees from all over the world. John had hosted an article on what the course is about and its key takeaways. This really caught the attention of employees from all over the world about the course.

Advertisement in the Social Media Portal

This is the success story of John. How successful are you in promoting eLearning in your organization? Do share your views.

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