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Strategies to Make Finance Training Engaging For Non-Finance Staff

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Strategies to Make Finance Training Engaging For Non-Finance Staff

Basic financial skills are essential to any managerial position irrespective of his/her working area. Everything that the staff do is in some way connected to the financial aspects of the company. Any decision made without good understanding of financial implications may result in reduced profits or increased losses. So it is important that the non-finance team is trained on these financial terms.

However, we have learned from our clients that individuals do not show interest in attending finance training because it deals with complex terms and formulae; also it is not directly related to their job profile.

So how do we motivate them and make them understand that these numbers or statements really matter? This was the challenge brought to us. Let me share with you the approaches that we used to deal with this challenge.

Scenario – Based Approach

One of our clients, a leading electronic manufacturing company wanted a highly engaging course on Finance fundamentals. So we adopted a scenario-based strategy with 2 characters. A senior financial manager will explain the terms to a non-finance person and guide him throughout the course.

To make it simple for the learner, various terms and concepts were explained using graphics, icons, and flow diagrams. Take a look at the screenshots below to get an understanding of how we presented the content.

Scenario - Based Approach

Avatar Approach:

Another course was done for an Oil and Gas Company. The client wanted a course on Finance basics, which also included income tax terms. We used an Avatar of a financial accountant ‘Tax Den’ to make the course interesting. This avatar starts the course with an ice breaker asking ‘Do you know?’. He will then take the learners through the finance- and tax-related terms along with tax calculation.

Illustrations, icons, and click-on interactivities were used in the course to make it engaging. After the course, the avatar will pose questions to check learners’ understanding and give feedback. Take a look at the screenshots below.

Avatar Approach

Video Scribe Approach:

The third course was developed for a Manufacturing Company. The client wanted the course on Financial Accounting in a video format. But introducing different financial terms and their formulae using a self-running video can make the course heavy and boring. So we came up with a creative way of scribbling/drawing. The simple white board animations are perfect to induce learning.

We used the tool to show the different terms and animated them to show how they are related to a company’s financial well-being. This video was finally embedded into Storyline. Take a look at the screenshots below to get an understanding of how we did it.

Video Scribe Approach

So these were some strategies we used to make online finance courses interesting to the non –finance employees. Hope you liked it. Do share if you have any similar experiences.

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