Storytelling For Effective E-learning – An Infographic

Storytelling For Effective E-learning

“Stories are the creative conversion of life itself, into a more powerful, clearer, and more meaningful experience. They are the currency of human contact.” – Robert McKee

Right from children to adults, everyone likes to read and listen to stories. Hence, storytelling is considered to be a powerful tool that helps learners delve deep into any concept.

It has been proved that stories are powerful medium of spreading knowledge and information that motivate, influence and engage learners. Stories can successfully create an emotional connect with the learners.

It is indeed a challenging task to engage learners in a self-paced environment, especially when the content deals with processes and policies. Therefore, using stories in eLearning courses helps to grab learners’ attention and this motivates learners to achieve their learning goals even in a self-paced environment.

The following infographic shows how stories are incorporated into eLearning courses to make them engaging and effective.

Storytelling For Effective E-learning - An Infographic

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