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Types of Training Where Storytelling can be Applied

Storytelling is an effective method to enhance learners’ motivation and interest. Incorporating stories in your trainings will help learners connect to the subject easily, thus assisting them in their learning process.

Stories act as great attention grabbers. As we all know, the attention span of human beings is very less; with boring content, your learner might tune out within 20 seconds. Hence, relevant stories can be added in the training to keep the learner hooked throughout the course. Considering the importance of storytelling, let’s see the types of training where storytelling creates an impact.

Product Training

Product training includes the position of a product in the product portfolio, customer details, detailed description about the product, including its features, uses, etc., and also comparison with its competitors in the market.

Teaching these concepts using stories enhances knowledge retention for the learner. For example, weave a story taking a selling situation, where a salesman has an appointment scheduled with a prospect. The story narrates how the salesman has prepared for the meeting and how he could successfully convince the customer about the product. The story includes a background, 2 characters, a challenge which is convincing the customer, and a climax where the salesman excels in convincing the customer.

New Hire Training

In new hire training, key principles of the company, the employee’s job description, general rules and regulations of the company, benefits for employees, any information relating to compliance, etc., will be included.

Implementing a story-based approach in this training makes it effective and engaging. Relevant stories with suitable characters can be added to each topic, to make it interesting.

For instance, the CEO’s thoughts on developing a particular culture/mission can be presented in the form of a story; employees’ responsibilities can be explained using two characters, and so on.

Process Training

Process training involves the detailed explanation of various processes followed in the different departments of an organization.

In process training, stories can be created for each step by building connections between the previous and present steps. Since a process involves remebering many steps, stories make it easy it remember these steps.

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