How Stories Can Help Trigger Sales Training to Another Level

How Stories Can Help Trigger Sales Training to Another Level

How Stories Can Help Trigger Sales Training to Another Level

Who wouldn’t love to hear stories? Since the time human race came into being, stories have been an integral part of their existence. This clearly proves learning, when linked to stories, can produce the desired learning outcomes. Human brain is empowered to process stories and lets people experience them as if they were real. Story-based learning is an approach in which learning is imparted through story-telling.

How can story-based learning enhance sales training?

Do you find training your sales reps a challenge? Put an end to your worries and switch on to story-based learning. Stories are an effortless way to pass on the product sales training content to your sales reps, who may not otherwise relate to the content. For story-based learning to click, you need to focus on courses that present stories in an appealing, realistic manner.

Stories should ignite learner’s motive

In any learning approach, igniting the learner’s motive plays a significant role. If the learner isn’t motivated to learn, no amount of training can help him. Hence, give him a reason to learn. Story-based learning gives the learner a story to deal with. It offers him a platform, where he can be the hero of the story as the story seems to be his own. He’s allowed to learn through the flow of the story.

Story telling in sales training

As you can see here, the tips shared by the sales manager help the sales rep, who in turn thinks of implementing them into his work.

Story telling in sales training

Hence, the flow in story-based learning generates a curiosity in the learner to know what’s next. He knows that this learning is going to benefit him in the real life scenario, where he has to sell.

Stories should be honest and consistent

Honesty and consistency are two elements that measure the depth of story-based learning. Unless the story is authentic, the learner’s engagement can’t be earned. Hence, ensure the story revolves around the problems that sales reps face. This compels the learner to know what happens in the slides to follow as he’s eager to get a solution for his problem.

For example, consider training sales people on handling difficult customers. Introduce the characters and relate them to the people your sales reps usually meet on-field. Create a situation and trigger a problem that reflects the real time situation sales people face. Use the concepts on which the sales people need to be trained as the problem solvers.  Such authentic and genuine stories that catch the learners’ attention and facilitate them to apply it in their jobs.

Stories should be relevant

Story-based learning can be educating only when the story is relevant and the learner discovers connectivity with the characters involved in the story. So opting for courses that offer a relevant theme and characters is a must in story-telling.

Let’s see an example here. When a story shows a sales rep who’s about to meet a client but unsure about certain product features he needs to speak about, the learner quickly relates as he too faces a similar problem.

Stories should address learner’s need

Any training can go in vain if it doesn’t address the learner’s need. For instance, a sales rep’s expectation from the training is to improve his sales skills and product knowledge. But, if he receives a servicing training, it’s of no use to him. Hence, addressing learner’s needs should be the base of any story-based learning.

Stories should offer a solution

Being a sales rep is not an easy task as he needs to have in-depth product knowledge, peer product knowledge, and great convincing and selling skills. Stories make the task easy since there is a solution offered to a problem posed initially.

Story-based learning can add value to your sales training the way you desire, provided it has all the elements of a good story – defined characters, relevant setting, engaging plot, serious conflict, and genuine resolution. If all these elements fall in place, sales training will be a sure shot hit as the transfer of knowledge is effective.

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