Ways to Stimulate the Minds of Learners

Ways to Stimulate the Minds of Learners

Ways to Stimulate the Minds of Learners

The human brain has got immense potential to think. All we need to do is to stimulate the mind so that it remains active and has the capability to churn out new ideas endlessly. A learner can be anyone who is eager to learn something irrespective of his/ her age, sex or race. So, let’s have a quick look at various ways to stimulate the minds of learners.

To stimulate the minds of learners, the first thing that is necessary is motivation which ignites the passion or the burning desire to learn more. This motivation factor can be fostered by building confidence in the minds of learners by providing opportunities to attain challenging goals and objectives. The moment this is achieved it stimulates the mind to try for the next level of success.

Experiences make us learn because we usually learn through trial and error. New circumstances or situations stimulate the mind of the learner to learn new skills to handle the situation. This also creates in him/ her a sense of satisfaction.

It is also necessary for an instructor to try out different innovative approaches towards teaching to capture the learner’s attention. For example, if a history teacher teaches history (which is considered a boring subject by many) in a very interesting way, then learners will automatically perceive history as an interesting subject and be motivated to learn more.

Last but not the least, to stimulate the minds of learners, it is important to increase the perception of utility by making them realizes how the learning process would benefit them in achieving their personal goals.

These are some of the ways to boost the minds of learners. All a learner needs to have is a degree of control over the learning process.

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  • Michael J. Spangle

    In a culture driven by immediate gratification, instant everything, and 15-second sound bites, it is a challenge to get people focused long enough to put their minds in gear. In some cases, the problem is not stimulation, but over-stimulation. There is much to be said for quietness and meditation, as opposed to counselling and medication.