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5 – Steps To Introduce eLearning in Your Organization – An Infographic

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If your employee receives a mail asking him to enroll for an online course, what would be his reaction? Guess! Does he think “Why should I?”. He may skeptically dismiss it as the Organizational latest fad! On the other hand, he may have had a different reaction, if he had got a proper orientation to the concept of online learning earlier.

If you are a marketing professional, you would probably know that any new product will need to go through 5 stages of adoption – Awareness, Interest, Evaluation, Trial, and Adoption. The same can be applicable to a new idea or system, such as e-learning within an organization. So, taking cue from the product adoption process can we follow a similar methodology for introducing e-learning within an organization?

5 - Steps to Introduce eLearning in Your Organization - An Infographic

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