Creating Training Curriculum is Now Simple – A 6 Step Process [Video]

Creating Training Curriculum is Now Simple – A 6 Step Process

Curriculum is a series of courses arranged in a sequence that makes learning effective. Each course focuses on a single objective and is not more that 15-20 minutes. This provides learners with just in time information, which is easy to remember. Today, organizations have started venturing into curricula that are used as a blended approach with classroom training or as standalone modules.

For those, who think that creating curriculum is difficult and only an experts’ job, here are a few simple steps that can help you create effective training.

  1. Conduct a training need analysis to identify the training needs that will enhance your employees’ performance.
  2. List the curriculum topics in the correct sequence and map each topic against the trainer. Also, decide on the delivery method.
  3. Involve the SMEs and collect the right content for each topic.
  4. Involve the instructional designers and decide on your instructional design approach. It is a blueprint of how the content will be treated and presented to the learners.
  5. Develop a standards kit, which is functional in the selected development tool. It should have all the elements decided in your instructional design approach.
  6. Finally start with scripting and course development.

In this video, let’s see the first 3 steps to create a training curriculum

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