3 Key Steps to Engage Your Customer During E-learning Projects

3 Key Steps to Engage Your Customer During E-learning Projects

3 Key Steps to Engage Your Customer During E-learning Projects

In any organization, effective communication always helps to build strong relationships with team mates, clients and customers, managers, and vendors. Good communication always matters because business organizations are made of people.

Robert Kent, former dean of Harvard Business school has said “In Business, communication is everything.

As an e-learning project manager and based on my experience, I would like to share 3 key steps to engage your customer from the start to the end of a project so that you can keep your customer delighted and get repetitive business from them:

1. Explain the process for your project: This is the first step where you have to explain to your customer about the process of project development before it starts. In this way, your customers will be engaged and they will be clear and understand how their product will be delivered.

2. Frequent calls with your stakeholder: The second important point is to have frequent calls with your customer or stakeholder. Best practices for handling calls with your customer are as follows:

Before the callDuring the call
Did your customer confirm the time and date?Keep your voice loud and clear. Talk slowly but clearly.
Do you have the necessary documents and resources at hand?Greet and introduce yourself.
Did you check the equipment 30 minutes in advance?Share your objectives.
Have you decided the key takeaways from this call?Ask questions till you have perfect understanding.
Do you have a clear agenda for this call?Take notes and/or record the session.
Log in at least 5 minutes before the scheduled time.Summarize the key outcomes of the meeting.
Keep all documents and references open.Thank the customer for his/her time.

3. Weekly status reports: The most important step is to update the status of the project at regular intervals to your customer/stakeholders. This can be done in different methods – you can send status reports (in Word or Excel format) as phase-wise or weekly or monthly reports based on the duration of your project.

Sample status report:

Status Report

Here are the results that show how our customers are delighted with the process we follow to fulfill all their training requirements.

Weekly Status reports

Please do share your thoughts on this matter and we welcome your insights.

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