10 Surprising Statistics About E-learning

10 Surprising Statistics About E-learning

Nothing seems to be constant in the world of technology; simple innovations are changed into surprising products and services. Look back into the past, where traditional classroom training sessions were used to train people irrespective of their age. Now, eLearning allows us to use the present technology to train people at their comfort and convenience.

This makes eLearning different from the traditional classroom sessions. Organizations realized how helpful eLearning is, for training their people. By breaking material into smaller and crispy eLearning sessions, one need not lose the entire day to get trained. Now let me take you through the 10 surprising statistics about eLearning.

  1. Global Industry Analysts, Inc., (GIA) says that corporate training is a $200 billion industry, where eLearning alone represents $56.2 billion, and this will grow to $107 billion by 2015.
  2. Learning Solutions Magazine, in 2013, stated that gamified approach to safety training resulted in 45% reduction in safety incidents. It also claims that there was a 55% reduction in shrinkage at Pep Boys, a retail chain.
  3. ELearning is also eco-friendly. Studies conducted by Britain’s Open University have found that eLearning consumes 90% less energy than traditional courses. The amount of CO2 emissions is also reduced by 85%.
  4. According to the eLearning Guild (2013), learners had 14% higher skill-based knowledge level, 11% higher factual-knowledge level and 9% higher retention rate, as per a meta-analysis of instructional effectiveness of computer-based simulation games.
  5. Docebo reported that the worldwide market for self-paced eLearning reached $35.6 billion, in 2011. The five-year compound annual growth rate is estimated at around 7.6%. So, revenues in eLearning should reach around $51.5 billion by 2016.
  6. ELearning.com says that 77% of American firms have already started using eLearning to train employees at their end.
  7. The European Survey 2011 has released a statement, saying 51% of companies delivered at least one training session via eLearning to over 50% of their employees.
  8. According to the Research Institute of America, eLearning has the power to increase information retention rates up to 60%. It implies that it is also more effective in terms of knowledge that is acquired during the learning process.
  9. Enterprise Survey Results 2013 state that over 41.7% percent of global Fortune 500 companies now use some form of educational technology to instruct employees during formal learning hours, and that figure is only going to steadily increase in future years.
  10. According to towards Maturity (2013), 67% of organizations say user engagement is the top barrier to adopting technology-enabled compliance training.

Well, you are now aware how eLearning is an added advantage to train people at your end and how it is emerging day by day with new advancements. Do you have anything to add? Please do share.

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