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The State of eLearning Today!

Written By Renuka Tikekar

The State of eLearning Today!

Let’s take a quick look at the state of eLearning today. Now that the first wave of eLearning is over and we can separate the facts from the fiction, a few findings emerge:

  • eLearning continues to have a strong value proposition for multiple reasons – it has unlimited reach, is cost effective, supports business goals, and meets the needs of diverse learners
  • Organizations have been successful in implementing eLearning initiatives aligned with organizational business goals and there’s been a positive impact on business and solid ROI.
  • Continuously eLearning is developing the new models and methodologies to make engaging, powerful and valuable practices.
  • Technology integration problems have been overcome to a large extent
  • People are still able to take eLearning courses by using visuals, video and sound features even in low bandwidth.
  • And finally, employees globally are eager to develop new knowledge and skills, and there are best practices to support multicultural eLearning.

Thus, eLearning brings a lot of value to the table.

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