3 Step Action Plan to Train Your Employees on A New Software with E-learning

3 Step Action Plan to Train Your Employees on A New Software with E-learning

3 Step Action Plan to Train Your Employees on A New Software with E-learning

Change is constant, especially if you’re a training manager! Training needs change according to performance needs and if that’s not enough, the slightest change or upgrade in the software you use can trigger a huge training need. As and when technology evolves, there is always a group of people ready to create something better than the previous version. This has led to a deficit in performance, because by the time an employee gets used to certain software, it has been upgraded and he needs to start all over again. This is one major challenge that training managers face today. So how do you train your employees on a new software process?

The answer is simple; follow this 3-step action plan and you will train your employees in no time!

Action # 1 – Address your challenge!

There are many challenges that a training manager needs to address before starting a training initiative and one of them is to meet a tight deadline. For instance, we had a stakeholder who was having one of his software portals updated; he had previously conducted classroom training sessions when the software was first launched. However, this time the new portal was going to be updated within a month or so and he simply did not have the time to conduct all the sessions in such a short span of time. His main challenge was to give training to support the launch of the updated portal within a short time frame to the entire organization. Once he understood his main challenge, this led him to the second step.

Action # 2 – Choosing the right platform to impart training

Now that the main challenge has been figured out, the way of choosing the right platform was quite simple. Given the tight time frame and the size of the training, the best conclusion in this case was to deliver software training through e-learning! In this scenario, e-learning was used to create courses using the updated software, highlighting the significant changes in the new software. These courses would serve as a training session as well as quick reference courses along with “how to” video manuals and PDFs, to help an employee who gets stuck while using a new feature of the software. So keeping the training and cost considerations in mind, the use of Articulate Storyline to create software simulation courses was decided upon and finalized.

In addition to this, a quick induction session could be conducted to address this new change in training and discuss the new training challenge that led to the adoption of e-learning in your training program.

Action # 3 – In-house or outsource?  

It’s now time to bite the bullet, do you want your internal team to create the courses or is it better to rely on an e-learning company? This question is never easy to answer. However, there are various factors to consider. Does your team have enough time and talent to create these courses in Articulate Storyline in a short period of time?  Or is it better to outsource the project to a reliable e-learning company that has the expertise to meet your training needs, whose specialist designers and developers can deliver your course within your required time frame? If the answer is yes, then look for an e-learning company that has the expertise in the tools and in trainings and be stress-free while they create the courses for you. Additionally, you can also save tons of money by outsourcing, as hiring a special talent is likely to add more burdens on to your budget. Most training managers prefer to outsource when it comes to e-learning, as vendors tend to outperform when compared to internal resources.

3 Step Action Plan

It is not so easy to train your employees on new changes and trends. As a training manager, you can make use of this 3-step action plan to achieve your training goals. How did you meet your new software process needs? We’d love to know.

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