Software: As Useful As Trained

Software: As Useful As Trained

Software: As Useful As Trained

I have been using Microsoft Word and Power Point for more than a year on regular basis, and  was surprised to realize how little I knew about even the simplest of the software like these, when I went through a training course.

The technology is changing incredibly. A variety of modern software products are coming into the market each day. If organizations are investing only in new software, but not on educating and training their employees on the software, they may as well be throwing their money out the window.

According to Jim Dickie at, less than 40% of companies that have purchased CRM software, use it at least 90% of the time. Meaning  that at least 60% of companies, are not seeing a real ROI for the time and money invested in CRM software.

Let’s see how software can become as useful to employees, as they are trained:

Eliminates Computer Rage: Computer rage is frustration caused due to repeated and continuous usage of computers.The cost of computer rage becomes so unbearable, sometimes, that the energy generated by it has the potential to spread to communications with customers, either by customer service or sales people.

Increases Productivity: This is the most guaranteed ROI of software training and the employee development. When employees tend to spend more time fumbling around the software instead of utilizing it, then the investment in software is a loss. On the other hand, once the employees are proficient in using the software, it helps them to save time.

Career Development: To become successful in any career, development and training are very crucial. With IT  ruling the present day work environment, software training helps the learners to remain current, which in turn diversifies their career opportunities. After all, the  latest knowledge is always preferred!

Maximize ROI: In software based organizations, an easy way to measure software ROI is to indicate the employee output, before and after the training and how fast is he able to complete the task pre and post training.Less time taken implies that the workflows are proper.

Best Way to Deliver Software Training: Software training can best be delivered through simulations. Simulations can best be shown in authoring tools like Camtasia, Adobe captivate, Adobe flash.

Camtasia – Camtasia allows you to easily capture screen movement and to develop demonstration and simulation types of e-Learning content, which is ideal for software training.

Adobe Captivate – Captivate allows easy capturing of screen shots and you can even record many series of transactions. The ‘try mode’ is what sells these tools.

Adobe Flash – Flash can develop high level animations and graphics that will help learners understand complex processes and different stages involved.

Your investment on the new software can be completely justified only when the employees make 100% use of it. Software training is an investment, where you can get back your returns on your investment, but unfortunately it is turning out to be only an added expense to many organizations. Do you agree?

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