SAP Implementation – Are Software Simulations Enough to Train your Employees?

SAP Implementation – Are Software Simulations Enough to Train your Employees?

SAP Implementation

Implementing SAP is the most critical project for any organization that implements it for the first time. It is also, a highly challenging task for the team involved in this process as it requires them to have adequate knowledge of the SAP implementation process to successfully launch, execute and run the software. Naturally, the usual training method would not suitable for such type of trainings. It requires a well -planned training strategy which answers the three questions – Why, What and How?

There are three levels of training required when you implement SAP in your organization.

Levels of Training

First is user training where the learner will learn, how to input data into the system. This is more at an application level. By the end of the training, the learner will be able to use the system and input relevant data. This can be easily done through online simulation training.

Next is training the employees on the process flow. This will help the learners understand how information is interconnected within the process. This need a more conceptual training on the process flow and various inter departmental activities.

Last but not the least is the third type of training needed to successfully implement SAP that will help the learners see how SAP implementation will effect organization as a whole. Here the learner will make sense of the big picture. The training needs to create awareness of the organizational vision and goal for SAP implementation.

Most of the organizations only focus on the software simulations and do not spend enough time to get the buy-in of various teams that are affected by SAP implementation. A successful training should include these three training components.

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