Social Media Training – An Emerging Trend

Social Media Training – An Emerging Trend

According to a leading consultant McKinsey, “72 percent of companies surveyed, are already using social technologies for business networking and are reaping benefits from it”.

The estimates also project that companies can raise their employee productivity by 20 to 25%, just by enhancing communication through collaboration and allowing knowledge sharing using social media tools.

Social Media is starting to play a very important role in the way how organizations communicate with their customers and also stay connected internally. The above statistics clearly state the importance of having employees on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and other social media platforms within and across organizations.

However, Social Media seems to be a scary topic for organizations to think of or to implement, as the usage of social platforms present lot of risks that can haunt the organization, depending on what the employees do on social media. Knowingly or unknowingly they may reach wrong people or large number of people with a confidential message and allow it to spread, which can really disturb your organization.

Understanding these complexities, over the past few years, many organizations started having social media policies in place, but then realized that establishing policies or guidelines is just the first step of it.

So what is the solution?

Social Media Policy details out what your employees can do and what they should not do, when they are using social media tools representing your company. However, having a policy is not sufficient on its own, as it provides value only when it is communicated to employees in a way that they understand.

So Training and guidance that is given to employees, plays as crucial a role, as having the policy. And a well designed and developed Social Media Training can help your staff to understand the importance of social media and how to deal with the different tools.

You can have interactive eLearning courses on Social Media that can keep your employees motivated and engaged throughout the learning process. Here is a screenshot from a course that we designed for our clients.

eLearning Course on Social Media

On the other hand, Internet and social media keeps rapidly changing with all the new features or tools coming in and this brings in the need for regular content updations. So if you want to keep your courses up to date cost effectively, make sure to choose one of the Rapid Authoring Tools like Lectora or Articulate Storyline for your eLearning course development, as they support quick and easy updations.

Social networking in organizations isn’t all about technology and sharing; it is more about achieving set objectives by improving relationships, which need a lot of understanding of the technology platform and the Dos and Don’ts of it. What do you say? Do share your thoughts with us.

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