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Social Media and its Relevance to the Adult Learning Principles – Part 1

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Social Media and its Relevance to the Adult Learning Principles – Part 1

Do you know how many hit ‘like’ on Facebook in the last 5 seconds?

Do you know how many tweets were sent in the last 5 seconds?

Do you know how many hours of video got uploaded on YouTube in the last 5 seconds?

Do you know how many Android phones got activated in the last 5 seconds?

Here are the live stats..

Click here to View the Live Social Media Counts


Amazing, isn’t it? That’s the power of the social media! At any point of time, we have a sizable population of corporate employees engaging in social collaborative interaction. So, isn’t it practical that we borrow ideas or simply use the social media concepts and incorporate them into eLearning?

I was quite inspired by Andrew Churches, author of Bloom’s Digital Taxonomy, who suggests that collaboration is an essential skill that needs to be developed in our learners. He cites UNESCO’s publication, “The four pillars of Education”, where one of the pillar is ‘Learning to live together’, which is nothing but learning to work in a collaborative atmosphere. Team work is viewed as a highly desirable skill by most corporate managers because in real-life world, one cannot function in isolation. So, is a stand-alone eLearning course adequate for an increasingly “social”corporate learner?

When we design eLearning courses, our courses compete with other social media platforms that learners frequent. Learners have limited time. Do they use that time completing your online course or do they rather spend time on social media? You effort in terms of creating an online course is defeated if your learner finds better learning experience through social media.

Therefore, it is important that we re-visit adult learning principles in the context of social media technologies and see how one can capitalize on its potential to create an engaging learning platform for our learners. If you would like to refresh on your knowledge, do check out our infographic on Adult Learning Principles, that was published some time back. I would like to explore ways in which Social Media can be aligned to the learning principles, considering the fact that 21st century technology is shaping the way we learn.

In my next blog, I will tackle each of the adult learning principles and try and see how social media can address the needs of an experienced learner. Do subscribe to the blog to get information of news posts including the one that explores how we can incorporate social media technologies to address the needs/demands of a corporate learner,keeping in mind adult learning principles.

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