4 Must Have Slices of An Instructional Design Pie

4 Must Have Slices of An Instructional Design Pie

4 Must Have Slices of An Instructional Design Pie

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Every instructional designer will be trained on standard instructional design principles such as ADDIE or Gagne’s nine events. It is not easy to remember all these concepts and apply them at the right instant of time, especially for people that have just started their career in instructional design. Therefore, as an instructional designer, you should be skillful at four different slices of an eLearning pie that always remind you of the ideas behind these principles. Let’s see what they are.

1. Pedagogy and Andragogy

The first slice is about the learning pedagogy. This is all about assessing how much knowledge the learners have been able to acquire after the completion of the course. Many parameters such as adult learning principles, learning objectives, instructional strategies and quiz decide the learner’s performance. In the context of eLearning, instructional designers are bound to make people learn better. For this, they have to know how the learners would behave, think and react. Thus, they should step into the learner’s shoe and then design the course thinking from their perspective.

Pedagogy and Andragogy

Pedagogy and Andragogy

2. Inventiveness 

Next comes the inventiveness slice. Visual and graphical designers are the people who use their creative talent to make the course look visually appealing and interesting. They design very beautiful and attractive eLearning courses which pull learners in. This makes the learners stay focused throughout the course with the same zeal and anxiety. Without this inventiveness in our eLearning courses, we will definitely end up creating really boring courses.


3. Technology

Technology has totally changed the art of learning. We know that eLearning stands for electronic learning. The word ‘e’ becomes incomplete without developers, programmers, data analysts, etc., as they are the key to launch the online courses. These experts will help us decide the right authoring tool to develop the course.


4. Management

Every industry, including eLearning, has the business pie to consider. This deals with understanding some of the important concepts such as productivity, Return on Investment, goals, vision, stakeholder management; project management, etc. Understanding this piece of pie i.e. the business slice ensures that you are able to meet customer demands with extraordinary services within the estimated time and budget.


Finally, as eLearning professionals, we need to concentrate on these four areas which lay the road to successful training. What do you think?

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