Skills of a Successful E-learning Project Manager

Skills of a Successful E-learning Project Manager

Project management can be defined as an activity of scheduling, organizing, implementing and controlling the actions and resources and establishing a set of rules to achieve specific goals of an organization.

The main objective of project management is to meet all project goals, within the scope, schedule, budget and assured quality along with the customer satisfaction. In order to achieve the above mentioned objective, a great deal of expertise and ability to manage things in an effective manner is needed. Project Managers are the people who handle the project management.

The primary responsibilities of every project manager are:

  • Planning the project
  • Organizing their team to work on the project
  • Communicating the status of a project to the stakeholders, regularly
  • Delivering quality product within the estimated scope, time and budget
  • Closing the project within the timelines

Here are a few skills that successful project managers possess.

Leadership skills

A successful project manager, as a leader, should have a clear vision in his mind. He should be ambitious to guide his team members confidently. While planning a project, he should consider all factors such as project scope, budget, timelines and resources. When it comes to assigning tasks to his team members, he should assign them based on their capabilities.

Communication skills

Every project manager should possess strong communication skills to convey the message to his team members and stakeholders clearly. Having good communication skills and maintaining friendly relationship with stakeholders are the two sides of a coin.

Interpersonal skills

The project manager should have strong interpersonal skills to:

  • Hire the right people for the right job
  • Motivate his team members
  • Make the team members to work collaboratively with him
  • Resolve problems within the team
  • Resolve project conflicts
  • Bring the best out of his team members
  • Help his team members understand themselves

Technical skills

Every project manager should have the necessary technical expertise; if not, he should be trained. Having knowledge of technical aspects helps the project manager communicate in the language of technicians and is also useful during the development and implementation of a project.

Presentation skills

Every project manager should have good presentation skills as he represents his organization and acts as a mediator between the organization and a stakeholder. The manager should be able to keep himself informed about the progress of the project at every stage and be able to convince the stakeholders. Here the skills are varied and numerous and hence the list is comprehensive.

If a project manager has the above mentioned skills, I believe that he is on the way to deliver quality products to customers within the estimated budget and time. Please do share your thoughts.

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