Using Simulations for Various Online Training Programs

Using Simulations for Various Online Training Programs

Using Simulations for Various Online Training Programs

Wouldn’t you agree if I say that online training simulations are a wonderful way of pulling the learners into the content and engaging them throughout the process? You will, won’t you? They facilitate learning by taking the learner through a virtual environment which is very similar to the one they will work in. They completely mimic the real-life situations and eliminate the risk-factor. But, did you know that these online training simulations are not restricted to only a particular training? Did you know that they can be used for various training programs? Yes, that’s true.

Here’s a list of training programs in which online training simulations can be used and how.

Simulations in Software Training

Software training simulations are well-known to facilitate hands-on training on new software applications. They provide training on how to work on the software application in a simulated look and feel of the software. Learners can also be guided with the steps involved, so they do not get lost in the process. The process of using a video is demonstrated in the beginning, allowing them to try under guidance, and finally asking them to perform it themselves – all in a simulated environment. Such a software training experience may provide them the liberty to commit mistakes, but also ensures that the learners understand the consequences of committing them on the live software.

Simulations in Product Training

Simulations for product training describe the physical attributes and functioning of a new product in a simulated environment. They provide training on how to assemble the product, how to disassemble it, and how each feature of the product works – all using a virtual product. Learners are guided for each function of the product so that they do not mishandle the product. Such a product training experience ensures the sales and service staff practically learns all the functions of a new product coming into the market without damaging it.

Simulations in Sales Training

You may provide all the product knowledge and the necessary selling skills to your sales rep. But, real-life situations are not the same every time, and the same way of communication and handling the clients may not be effective every time. So, the sales reps need to practically experience different selling environments. Simulations in sales training provide sales reps real-life situations in a risk-free, simulated environment. They need to handle these situations by answering a few questions by the virtual clients in the simulations. If the sales rep goes wrong, he is given feedback on the tips to handle the situations. Such a sales training experience ensures sales reps learn to tackle any client efficiently in real-life.

Simulations in Safety Training

Safety is another important aspect to get trained on for every employee. The written safety procedures and rules might be difficult to remember. Simulations in safety training provide training on different safety procedure to be followed, but in a virtual environment. Learners experience various hazardous situations and emergencies and learn how to tackle them– all in a simulated environment. Such a safety training experience ensures employees learn to handle any real-life emergency easily and do not panic.

These are a few online training programs in which simulations can be used creatively for effective learning experience. Employees will have hands-on training experience, but in a completely risk-free environment.

Do you know any other online training program where simulations can be effective?

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