Sharing of Knowledge

Sharing of Knowledge

Knowledge is like water in a Well. If you share the water with the society people then level of the water will never decrease every day fresh water will come. In the other case if you stop using the water and not allowing others to use, then within a few months the level of water will get reduced and the still water will becomes impure and one day there will be no water in the well.

So if we don’t use our knowledge and not sharing with others then our skills level will slowly decrease and one day we don’t have any knowledge to compete with the latest and advanced technology. If you share the knowledge and transfer your work to others then you will get time and new opportunities to learn new thing and increase the level of your skills to compete with the latest and advanced technology.

I have attended the Knowledge session presented by Stephen R. Covey on January 29, 2009 and I am very impressed with the concept of “Learn by Teaching”.

At the time of my school days one of my teachers used to say

One time of writing is better than 10 times of reading

Same thing now I can say that

One time of training is better than 10 times of writing i.e., 100 times of reading

Power of Learning by Teaching a Survey Report
Power of Learning by Teaching a Survey Report

My Experience as a Project Manager in CommLab India:

I got opportunities to learn authoring tools and one of them is Lectora. I learnt some basic skills from the documentation and I used forums to clarify my doubts. I did not go to any institute neither took any online training.

While working on the projects, I started giving training in my organization. While training other colleagues, I learnt a lot and increased my skills. Now I became an expert in Lectora and I can develop whatever feature is required.

Initially, I believed that training can be given only to talented people who knew basic programming. But now I believe that training can be given to any one. I have become an expert in my field.

All these improvement happened only through “learn by training”.

We have other methods to learn, for example we can get learning by work experience, from institutes, or by online tutorials. But to become an expert and get command on the subject one MUST train others.

Abdul Razzaque Hussain
Project Manager

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