Self-Transformation For The Ideal Person Or Personality

Self-Transformation For The Ideal Person Or Personality

Self-Transformation For The Ideal Person Or Personality

Before looking into the ways by which one can transform oneself to be the desired person or personality, an important self-analysis known or attitude check needs to be done. By doing an attitude check, see if you consider a glass of water to be half full or half empty. A half empty attitude is a pessimistic attitude that hinders one from dreaming big and taking bold steps. Big achievers are optimistic. For instance, Thomas Edison Alva proved to be successful in fulfilling his optimistic approach in inventing a light bulb, even though he was proved to be wrong several times.

So, before planning for self-transformation one has to check one’s attitude and approach while achieving a goal. Below are some of the guidelines to be followed to self-transform:

Identify your goals: Have a clear goal. After identifying your goal, find out the path and the way you mean to achieve it. Analyze the values, beliefs and the level of motivation and drive you get while pursuing the desired goal.

This is done by answering queries like:

  • What are my desired goals?
  • What are the tasks of this priority list?
  • Will the desired goal or tasks give happiness or contentment? If so, what are the talents need to be developed?

Analyze the expected happiness one can get while pursuing the desired objective. If the values and beliefs do not become part of one’s happiness, one should try once more to achieve one’s desired goals. However, if one is happy to change one’s values and beliefs for the sake of one’s desired goal or dream, he or she must continue to pursue it.

So, the overall objective of identifying the values and beliefs embedded while achieving a goal or dream is to know one’s level of motivation.

Build on your strengths: In the process of achieving one’s desired objectives, one should try to build on one’s strengths. Try to surround yourself with people who can encourage you to achieve your goals and disengage from those who discourage you from achieving your big dream.

The vital way of improving your strengths is by getting feedback from people whom you trust and admire. Take constructive and negative feedback with the same attitude. Both types of feedback can be used to improve your strengths and help you improve and grow.

Believe in yourself: If one does not have self-belief, how one can expect others to believe in them? So, try to build on your self-confidence so that those around you are attracted to you.

Thus, by transforming your personal views and identifying the right goal, you can easily attain your desired dream and life becomes easy. Another benefit of transforming yourself is that you will be well-versed in handling life’s difficulties and so live an easier life.

Do share your thoughts on the same.

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  • googleguy

    thanks for the post. an excellent model for overcoming resitance to personal change goes like this…

    D + F + V > R

    D=disatisfaction of a particular habit
    F=first step
    R=resistance to change

    this means, that if D,F and V are there, any resistance can be overcome. Consider this with an example of smoking and this makes sense.

  • Jacqueline M. Walters

    To transform oneself to be the ideal person or personality one wishes to emulate. The best practices for self-transformation. Write a list of one’s attitudes, habits and behaviors one’s wishes to change. One constant companions one’s attitudes, habits and behaviors can be one’ greatest assets or heaviest burden. They can push one up to success, or down to failure, disappointment and ruin. One should develop knowledgeable and practical techniques, in a self-improvement program to follow. If one experiencs a slight derailment in the program. Its normal, make that effort to get back on track. One should be dedicated to the program’s journeys to accomplish results. One can find way to motivate oneself. To change, make or break the many challenges that holds one back from being the desirable person one wishes to be.

  • Harjit Singh

    Great inspirational article!