Effective Self-Motivation Techniques

Effective Self-Motivation Techniques

Suppose you often fail to reach your targets, though you begin your project enthusiastically. If this happens often, it is time for you to check your intrinsic motivational levels. An internally-motivated person shows a lot of positive attitude towards his goals. He often finds ways to rejuvenate and keep himself on track in the face of adversity. This is how he makes himself a winner. However, motivation can fade away at a single instance of adversity. But it will no longer do so when you make it a habit. You need to make building self-motivation a habit rather than a “once-a-while” activity.

For success in this, follow the steps suggested here:

Start Gradually

This is where many of us fail. We tend to start straightaway by giving more than our 100 percent to get results. This will, more often than not, drain on our energies. Worse, if we do not get the expected results, we lose interest and give up.

So, it is better for you to start the plan gradually. You work on it in small but equally distributed time slots. In between, do something which you truly enjoy, such as your favorite pastime. This can help you avoid miserable burnouts.

Maintain Associations of Pain or Pleasure

This is an effective technique in that it alerts you to the miserable consequences of your inaction. Supposing you procrastinate over your tasks, you can visualize having to do everything at the last minute or get a rap from your boss or partner. This is a pain association.

Now, visualize yourself receiving accolades when you finish the task on time to perfection. This is a pleasure association. These kinds of associations keep your desire to achieve something intense.

Develop Realistic and Achievable Goals

It is important to have realistic goals. This is because success breeds success and not the other way around. So, divide your long-term objective into short-term tasks. Now, divide short-term tasks into sub-tasks. Go about doing them.

Do a Variety of Things

Doing the same thing over a long time can make your life monotonous. So, do a variety of activities. However, ensure these activities are too distant from your objectives. You will develop a lot of confidence if you find several ways of achieving your goals.

Read Inspirational Stories

Get into the habit of reading about the life and achievements of great individuals. This will be a great source of inspiration for you. Listen to motivational speakers. You can overcome fatigue and keep yourself ready for the tasks ahead.

Motivation is not something which always comes from external sources. It should be cultivated through conscious and deliberate attempts for lasting and sustainable results. So, get motivated.

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  • Michael J. Spangle

    I always find useful information in these articles. As one who is a self-confessed obsessive-compulsive and a perfectionist, I see myself falling into many of the traps identified in this article. One of the most interesting suggestions is the last one. To read about how someone else struggled and still acheived is not often considered. I find it to be a great help to me.

  • Being motivated rarely is an issue for me; however, during times of stress, I find that I need to remind myself, “Why am I doing this?” As a visual and creative person, I often look to pictures of my family, or even a blueprint of a kitchen remodel, or I look back at some of the “kudos” I have gotten over the years, to remind myself why I sometimes have to take the bad moments that happen in between a lot of good moments.

  • D.sumalatha

    It’s really inspiring . Motivational factors boosts the person and it leads to success.’Failures are the stepping stone of success.’ To achieve success, a person need to pass all the hard stones to take a lead. Motivation is required along the path and definitely make it as a habit which really helps.

  • Jacqueline M. Walters

    The best practices for simple and effective self-motivation techniques. Purchase motivational audio cassette tapes, CD’s and books to cultivate your personal empowerment program, for self-motivation. Write down in a journal your goals, thoughts and traits you wish to emulate. Writing and journaling is a form of manifestation. You are creating and sending energy out into the universe. Its a powerful tool in the manifestation process, to create positive affirmations towards self-motivation.

    Affirmations are positive statements which brings about changes in your thought process, belief system and life. The key to using affirmations is to recite them repeatedly on a daily basis. This allows the affirmations to be absorbed into your subconscious mind. You will notice, within a short time your attitude changes towards life. You are now open to learn, show and exercise your attributes towards effective self-motivation techniques. When using affirmations, its important to use “I” statements such as “I am confident.” “I am happy.” And “I have the energy to do what ever I desire.” Develop a sense of nowness. Use words in the present tense such as “today” and “now.”

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    There are numerous techniques to promote greater self-awareness to cultivate self-motivation. Listen to soothing music. Practice yoga or other relaxation techniques such as deep breathing exercises. Consciously take time to sit quietly and be still within yourself. Stillness is restorative. This can help you relax and reduce stress. Live in the moment, to achieve a greater sense of peace. Solitude is for secure people. Generate many ideas for staying motivated. Don’t miss the moment, master it. Ask yourself every day, how is your attitude? Your attitude can either limit your possibilities or broaden them. Satisfy your three important needs: structure, purpose and community. Keep a journal of your thoughts, goals and accomplishments, to reconnect with your self. To measure your goal achievements. When you make self-motivation, a personal empowerment goal, it will give you the actionable steps towards manifesting the life you envision for your self.

  • be in the enviroment of a support team, and ask for what you need.
    Just encuragement is a step to go for it, when you need it..
    There is a resentment of asking, and there are so many who wants to respond and give you what you need so you are on the right track again..

  • thanks man for the articles