How to Build a Winning Security Awareness Training Program?

How to Build a Winning Security Awareness Training Program?

How to Build a Winning Security Awareness Training Program?

Does your organization train on information security awareness? If yes, how effectively is your security awareness training helping you secure your information? Would you like to know how to build a winning security awareness training program?

When you think your information is to be protected from leaking and falling prey to a number of information stealers out there in the world, it is important to educate the users about the possible threats and the negative consequences that may result. Let the users get to know the real world threats that they may face, when their information is not secure. There are various fields in which your employees need to be trained, some of which include:

  • Degree of security needed for the particular type of info/data.
  • Training on strong password construction.
  • Responsibility of the users in protecting their organization’s info/data.
  • Consequential losses of information leakage.
  • What to share and what not to, on social networking sites.
  • Differentiating between confidential data and easy-to-go data.

Though information security awareness training can be delivered in a number of ways to employees, eLearning is turning out to be a powerful tool, in injecting information security awareness to the employees. ELearning can be a very smart way to train your employees on security awareness.

Let’s see how an eLearning base can be laid, to build winning security awareness training through eLearning.

  • Deciding on What Content to Include: The training material must include all the required security concepts. After all, the goal is to inject security into the employees’minds in all walks of work. It also must include all the rules and regulations, which must be strictly adhered to.
  • Ensure the Materials Have Ease of Use: The materials must be easy to understand, so that the trainees can analyze and grasp the concepts comfortably. It can also include small quizzes and puzzles to make them interesting.
  • Acquiring Awareness Materials: Developing in-house training materials may not always serve the purpose. Contracting to the information security trainers would be a good idea, as they will be more experienced and can deliver quality training course.
  • Implementing the Awareness Course: Set up and increase awareness of the need for security awareness training. Let your employees know the importance of taking up the training. Implement the security awareness program with the management’s support.
  • Track and Report: Whether the training is properly and profitably utilized or not, can be tracked and reported by LMS. Suitable revisions can be made, based on the feedback provided.

Thus, employees can be better trained on information security through eLearning, as it is a faster, smarter and better option in comparison to classroom information security training.

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