Importance of Supply Chain Basics Training to Your Employees

Importance of Supply Chain Basics Training to Your Employees

This is the sixth and the last post in a series of “Supply Chain Basics training to your employees, is it necessary?”

Your employees will be working in different departments of the supply chain. Do you think that all of them should have the basic knowledge on what is supply chain?

Let us consider the following case

There were two electronic device manufacturing companies. The supplier of semiconductor chips for both these companies was the same. Due to a small fire accident at the supplier’s facility, there was a delay in supply of semiconductor chips, for about a week. The same was communicated to the respective authorities of electronic firms. One firm responded immediately to the incident and helped its supplier to recover from it, while arranging alternative suppliers, so that the production was not delayed and the customer demand is met. Another firm did not communicate this event to the heads of the company. The lower level employees at the production, were also silent about the decreasing buffer of chips. This resulted in the delay of production. The consequence was the non-availability of their products in the market. This contributed to massive losses for the firm. [Harvard business review: Triple A Supply Chain]

From the above case, we can see that localized decisions of the employees have a globalized impact. The effectiveness of the decision depends on the amount of knowledge. So training the employees on a bigger picture in this globalized supply chain world, is very important.

Training in classroom settings, to globally spread the workforce, is not only a difficult task, but also involves a lot of time and money. Accessibility of training to the employees, all-round the year is not easy. Moreover, disturbing the employee work hours for training might affect the productivity. So time efficient and cost efficient methodology of training delivery is absolutely necessary.

Utilizing technology to deliver the training, solves major problems. On technology driven training platforms, that is eLearning, your employees can access the training anywhere and anytime. You can guarantee quality and consistency of training at all locations. Apart from the initial investment cost, there are no recurrent costs involved. Once designed and developed, training can be delivered multiple times, at multiple locations.

Supply chain basic training to all your employees is very important and delivering it through eLearning can be a good choice.

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