Enhance Your Product Sales Training with These 3 Scenarios

Enhance Your Product Sales Training with These 3 Scenarios

Enhance Your Product Sales Training with These 3 Scenarios

Organizations undoubtedly put in a lot of effort in training their sales representatives. These trainings help reps gain product knowledge, but the actual problem arises when sales representatives have to put this knowledge into practice. This is because they have to deal with different customers to sell the products and just information about the products is not enough. Sales representative must answer customer queries confidently and convince them to buy the product.

To build the confidence of sales representatives and give them practical experience on the various sales techniques, we can enlist the help of scenarios in e-learning solutions specializing in sales training. This approach does not just inform the learner about the product, it allows the learner perform the tasks in a virtual environment, thus gaining practical knowledge.

In online product training, we can use scenarios that:

1. Set the Context

Instead of directly starting the product e-learning by explaining the features of the product, we can first create a context to introduce the product. Create a scenario that explains learners the situations in which the product can be used.

Here is an instance where a context was set in the form of a scenario before actually introducing the product. In the first scene, the customer faces some issues entering the calibration manually. In scene two he gets to know about the product from the sales rep and in scene three, the customer asks the sales representative for a demo.

Set the Context

2. Help Deal with the Customers

Even after getting trained on the product, the sales representative might not be very confident of facing customer queries. To overcome such situations, we can create a scenario by setting up real-life situations that transpire between the customer and the sales representative.

For instance, the scenario shown below is helpful for pharmaceutical sales representatives. These people have to deal with doctors to sell their products. So a scenario was created where the doctor asks various questions about the product and the sales representative answers them effectively and convinces the doctor to prescribe his product.

Help Deal with the Customers

3. Promote Critical Thinking

Usually sales representatives fear taking wrong decisions while dealing with the client, which might lower their confidence. To boost their confidence, we can create branching scenarios. In this scenario, the learner is given a situation and asked to take a decision. Based on his decision, the learner is guided in different paths.

For example, in the following scenario the sales person has to close a sale. He is put in a situation where a customer approaches him for a product. The sales person has to take some decisions to convince the customer to buy the product. For every decision he makes, he has to face either a positive or negative consequence.

Promote Critical Thinking

By using these three scenarios in the online product training, we can ensure sales representatives become confident enough to deal with any situation they might come across in real life.

Can you think of other scenarios that’ll help do this? We would love to hear your ideas on the same.

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