Why SAP Training is a Nightmare?

Why SAP Training is a Nightmare?

SAP training concerns of learners

One of the organizations we work for is implementing SAP for the last 3 years and is now in the final stage of implementation. In order to have a good transition from the old system to new SAP systems, the company has invested heavily in the training initiatives – both classroom and online, in multiple languages. They have nearly 300 classroom trainings conducted and about roughly the same online tutorials of “How To” work on SAP. Yet, the learners are not quite happy with the training and they just want to complete it for the certification.

Here are some of the reasons for the trainings are not effective:

1. As this is a process that is across all operations and all locations, the system becomes too complex.

2. People find it difficult to change from systems that are already available and those they are used to, to the more complex ERP system.

3. The training that is imparted is given by SAP implementation partners, who are basically techies and not learning experts, or change management experts.

4. The tools used to create online courses using Quick Screen Capturing tool are not sophisticated as Captivate and Flash, where the learning can be more engaging and creative.

To make training achieve the goals of educating learners on the process and help them apply this knowledge on the job, here are some quick tips.

Blend Classroom and e-learning

  • Spend enough time explaining the vision behind this initiative and how this will build efficiencies and optimize costs.
  • Explain the benefits to the organization, as well as the specific role and how it will help him in his daily job. Once this is achieved, the software tutorial training will be easy.

Use Training and Learning Professionals to Create Training

  • Understanding adult learning principles and learner’s motivational levels, will help you develop a good training program.
  • Have your top management be directly involved in the training initiative.

Use Captivate or Flash Authoring Tools to Develop Simulation Training

  • Captivate will help you edit you simulations easily and add audio and captions to the simulations.
  • Flash will make the courses more interactive and live. The User can watch, try and actually perform the task in a simulated environment.

SAP is implemented in huge organizations that have various divisions, processes and various product lines across the globe. The main aim is to optimize cost of operations by streamlining the processes across organization. SAP covers all locations and all operations, making it a great change management task. More so, it is a huge capital investment and implementation can take from 1 year to as much as 5 years. So, you need to adopt a right blend of the training methodology for the successful implementation and rollout of the SAP projects.

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