Time Management Strategies For Sales People

Time Management Strategies For Sales People

Time Management Strategies For Sales People

In the present business scenario, customers’ demands are increasing rapidly, thereby adding pressure to companies to become more sophisticated and innovative. To survive, companies are increasingly concentrating on advertising and reaching out to customers via personal selling. This puts intense pressure on field sales people and makes their job overwhelming.

These field sales people work longer hours to reach their targets, meeting different kinds of customers, but still end their day with stress and disappointment. Effective time management is the only tool which can help them overcome stress and reach their targets. So, let’s discuss some of the secrets for effective time management:

1. Be Focused: A sales person should always be focused on his goals and targets. You should have a clear goal and it would be better if you write it down on a sheet of paper. A written statement should consist of your goal and your plan of action for reaching that goal. Whenever you come across a decision – making situation, go through your plan and then decide. It is not necessary that the goals should be for the long term – it can be set even for a day.

2. Plan your Activities: Plan all your activities. Find out which activities are important for the day. Differentiate your tasks, listing them on a priority basis. Leave the rest for the time being. Give preference to both important and urgent things. If you don’t plan your activities in such a way, you will be left hanging with unimportant things and you will not tackle your urgent tasks.

3. Start the Day with Priorities: Don’t think of doing multiple tasks at a time. First, fulfill your priorities and then complete other tasks. As a sales person, you will make many appointments with customers, so set your priorities so that you don’t miss your appointments or else you will lose a client or an opportunity.

4. Identify the Difference between your Customers and Prospects: You should understand the difference between your customers and prospects. Follow separate approaches to deal with them. Don’t waste your time following people who cannot afford to buy your product or who are not interested in your product.

5. Prepare for the Next Day: Make sure that you prioritize your work the day before or the night before. List your priorities and essential tasks. This planning would help you for the next day and remind you from how to start the day.

These secrets are the core of effective time management. Of course most sales people know this, but still they ignore it, thinking that their job is very unpredictable. Are you one among them? Following a few simple tips on time management can really make your life better by enabling you to schedule your tasks and reach your targets.

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