Maximize Your Sales Training Opportunities With Microlearning

Maximize Your Sales Training Opportunities With Microlearning

Maximize Your Sales Training Opportunities With Microlearning

Ever wondered how we receive information in today’s world? It’s not from your television set or your newspaper, but some one-liner you came across on Facebook or a tweet from Twitter. These bytes of information constitute Microlearning.

Microlearning is taking learning by storm, with people having shorter attention spans and greater connectivity on android devices. Long classroom sessions and restricted e-learning courses and hefty manuals are getting outdated. These traditional forms of learning are being supported by micro content that provide information in tidbits. It is safe to say Microlearning is here to stay for the long run.

When it comes to Microlearning and the organizational training format, there is a huge shift in how employees use technology; today everything is mobile. It is only natural for an organization to move towards Microlearning to train its workforce. The biggest beneficiary of Microlearning is the sales force of an organization. They are literally and figuratively mobile in every sense. Constantly on the move and looking for new information to sell, they are best suited for the Microlearning age.

See why your sales team needs Microlearning as a training platform.

Learning Nuggets: As the word suggests, micro means small land Microlearning instructs your sales force via small nuggets of information. These nuggets can range from a time frame of one minute to 5 minutes and sometime extend to ten minutes. For example, your company has come up with a new additional feature to your latest laptop device. This new feature sets your product apart from your competitors. This is where Microlearning can come to your rescue; you can share this information as a nugget in the form of a video or an info-graphic that shares information only about the new feature and nothing else. Such precise and short information will have a greater recall value and a long term benefit to your product training program.

Learning Nuggets

Immediate Outcomes: One great benefit of Microlearning is that it offers immediate outcomes. You don’t have to wait for the end of the quarter to see the results of your training. Since the information is precise, it can be used immediately. For instance, your pharmaceutical representative has a sales meet with a doctor. The sales representative has a few minutes left before the meeting begins; he has forgotten one of the side effects of the drug. He uses this time to brush up by taking a short learning module on the side effects of the drug. This information helps him convince the doctor to opt for your company’s drug.

Microlearning is effective to fill small knowledge gaps in no time, helping sales representatives in their hour of need.

Immediate Outcomes

Fast-paced Learning: Your sales representative does not have the time or patience to sit at a desk and take hours and hours of courses. They are busy bees shuttling from one sales meet to another. Providing small training modules which can be taken on mobile devices will not disrupt their routine, instead enhance their understanding of the product. For example, your insurance sales representative just had a meeting with a young client regarding health insurance cover, an hour later he has a meeting with another prospective client regarding insurance for his car. Your sales representative can utilize the time after the first meeting to go through the various car insurance policies available. This fast and short timed learning will provide the right information at the right time to your sales representative. 

Fast-paced Learning

Learner Independence: Adults detest constant supervision when it comes to trainings. Microlearning provides learners the opportunity to feel in charge, giving them the freedom to choose the modules they want to see to improve themselves. For instance, it is easier to tell your sales representatives to watch short videos or modules which may take only five minutes of their time when they wish to or need, rather than asking them to block an hour from their schedule and take an e-learning course. There is less resistance to training with Microlearning.

Learner Independence

Continuous Updates: Information keeps changing from time to time. What is relevant today is history tomorrow. Traditional training methods do not have the flexibility to keep up with the constant change in information. As microlearning consists of very short modules, it is easy to update them and share the information in a jiffy. For instance, when a new feature is added to your product, you can use microlearning to inform your sales force quickly. This helps your sales representatives receive updated information in time to be shared with prospective clients.

Continuous Updates

Microlearning can be rolled out in many ways, they can be videos, info-graphics, images, micro e-learning modules or even social media posts and well-constructed tweets that help enhance quick learning and fill last minute knowledge gaps.

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