Microlearning: Taking Your Sales Training to Next Level

3 Ways that MOODLE LMS Helps Impart Effective Product Sales Training [Infographic]

Most salesmen dislike training for many reasons, be it instructor led or computer based. Some of the reasons being – losing their valuable selling time in the training hall or being subjected to tons of information, and so on. Also, most of them think training is simply not worth their time, especially in between their hectic schedules and sales targets. They think that sales training is very complex and unmemorable and they are right. Research shows that if learning is not reinforced in an ongoing manner, then 80-90% of learning is lost one month after training (Source: trainingindustry.com).

So, companies need effective learning solutions to train their salesmen anywhere, anytime and micro learning which a just-in-time learning, answers this need.

Micro learning – it’s learning and not training

Micro learning is defined as learning in short and byte-sized units. It deals with small learning units and short-term learning activities. It’s best used as a part of blended learning and is suitable for:

  • Activating knowledge before a class room session begins, or for summarizing the session.
  • Refreshing knowledge or recalling after a week or two to ensure that the key concepts are revisited and helps in transferring the new knowledge to long term memory. Thus salesmen get a chance to apply new knowledge immediately after the session.
  • Providing opportunities for application through quizzes and games.
  • Providing just-in-time support – It allows the salesmen to just have a glance at the course and reinforce their knowledge on the product before meeting the customer.

Learner is in charge

Micro learning makes learners feel in charge of their learning and gives them the opportunity to choose applicable lessons. For instance, a busy medical representative, who needs to meet a physician, can quickly go through the required module (instead of all modules) of a particular drug on his mobile phone while travelling to the doctor’s clinic. This type of learning enhances the ability of the medical representative to handle the doctor’s queries effectively and convince the doctor to prescribe his company’s drugs.

Micro Learning: Taking Your Sales Training to Next Level

Learning on the GO

Salesmen spend most of their time on field so just in time knowledge is of utmost importance. Micro learning modules can be developed in formats that can run on all devices, giving learners the flexibility to access the modules on their hand held devices such as mobile phones, tablets, iPads, or laptops. They can also access the knowledge bytes in various formats such as videos, games, simulations etc.

Easy to create and update

Small-duration modules which focus on 2-3 key learning points at a time can be created quickly and easily. Unlike traditional training methods, micro learning supports constant changing and updating of the content. The learner gets the benefit of updated information and it saves time in delivering the courses to the global audiences.

Cost effective

Micro learning eliminates the need for expensive resources such as instructors, infrastructure, and hours spent in the classroom every now and then. The cost of developing micro learning is much lower than the costs of developing a full length course. It’s a one-time cost for the organization.

Immediate results

Micro learning enables the sales employees quickly close a small knowledge or skill gap thereby helping them achieve success in a short intervention such as closing a deal by applying the best practices learned in bite sized nuggets.

Rapid growth in mobile devices, timely training, reduction in training budget, and time constraints have changed the way courses are being designed, developed, and delivered. Traditional methods of training have given way to the development of micro learning. A well-designed micro learning course increases productivity and job satisfaction, retains top talent and even repays your training budget.

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Microlearning - The Mega Advantage to Your On-the-Move Sales Team