Sales Training Challenges!

Sales Training Challenges!

Sales Training Challenges

Change is inevitable. Customer expectations keep on changing, so the need to develop a new product changes accordingly. Launching a new product requires an organization to simultaneously upgrade its sales personnel’s skills to promote the new product well. A well trained sales person can effectively promote a product and win a prospective customer. Thus, training a sales person is vital for organizational success as it has a direct impact on organizational profits.

Sales training needs to be result-oriented but some organizations fail to implement the best training for the sales person. The reason for this is that organizations strongly believe that training imparted is bound to produce results, but are hardly concerned about addressing important queries like how, why and when to give training.

Generally, training a sales person is a bit challenging. Training a sales person can be successful by overcoming the below challenges.

Training Methodology: Some companies only provide a classroom type of training which lacks resources to train on the field. Initially, it may provide adequate knowledge but may not equip the sales person well enough to handle the on-field job challenges.

In the highly sophisticated business world, sales persons require a mix of training methodologies. As sales persons are mostly engaged in on-field-jobs encountering numerous challenges. Also, training methodology needs to be confirmed based on the sales persons’ experience, qualification and technical competency levels.

Measuring Criteria: Some companies avoid measuring training outcomes due to a strong assumption that training will ensure performance success. Training given should be measured in qualitative and quantitative terms. Measuring training helps to analyze what else need to be included in the training programme for achieving the desired results.

Training Content: Some sales persons’ training programmes stress more on motivation rather than on field selling challenges. Motivational quotes no doubt need to be included but only after addressing the science of selling.

Formal Event: Most of the companies conduct training as a formality and just to give information regarding the new product launch. Training should not be just an event but a process. At the end of the training programme, sales persons should be able to apply the knowledge gained for practical purposes.

Thus, by overcoming the above few challenges in the sales training programme, an organization can be well equipped to promote its new product and can increase the organization’s stand to be competitive on a par with big brands.

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  • The information mentioned in the article is good. According to me the Company should first assess the needs of its sales force and then segregate fresh and experienced employees and train accordingly.

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