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A Few Common Mistakes Salespeople Make

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A Few Common Mistakes Salespeople Make

Every sales person struggles to reach his/her targets but despite a lot of hard work, many are unsuccessful and get thrown out of their jobs. Why is it that only some people are able to achieve success even though everybody does the same amount of work? The answer lies in the approach they adopt. Unknowingly sales people could be making many mistakes that affect the outcome of their performance.

So let’s discuss some common mistakes sales people usually make and look at know how to turn these mistakes into sales.

  • Talking too much: Every word sales person speaks should result in business for him. Talking too much actually undermines his/her credibility.
  • Poor listening: Sales people can’t afford to neglect this skill – listen to customers, identify their need, and then try to fill it.
  • Poor product knowledge: The more you know about your product, the higher your chances of selling them.
  • Poor time management: Time management is a critical, yet easily neglected factor.
  • Lack of clarity about goals: A sales person should decide on goals for every single day in order to measure his/her performance and do better.
  • Allowing a prospect to lead the sales process: The prospect should not be allowed to lead the sales process. The sales interaction should be driven by the sales person.
  • Not providing accurate information: All the doubts in customers’ minds will be cleared if you give clear and accurate information on what exactly they need.
  • Pausing at the wrong time: A sales person should know when to pause and when not to. Pausing at the wrong moment can create a wrong perception in the customer’s mind. Be clear with the structure of the conversation i.e. how to start, proceed and end the conversation should be decided in advance before conversing with the client.
  • Poor questioning: Sales requires the ability to ask the right questions. Try and get as much information as possible by asking appropriate questions. However, don’t sound like you are interrogating the customer.
  • Concluding without questioning: A sales person should not reach any conclusions based on his perceptions alone. He/she should first ask the right questions and then arrive at a conclusion.
  • Not researching adequately: Do the maximum possible research on clients’ businesses before conversing with them.
  • Pushing the product too soon: Do not show the customer that you are in a hurry to make a deal – first make him comfortable and then introduce your product.
  • No proper planning: Planning is very crucial for everything. So a proper plan should be the starting point for focusing on priorities and timelines.
  • Giving up too quickly: Persistence pays! Sales person shouldn’t give up too soon.
  • Not following up on leads: Just because someone does not buy immediately does not mean that he or she will not be interested later – therefore follow-up is essential.
  • Going off on a tangent: You should never forget that your goal is to sell the product, so don’t go off onto inconsequential tangents.
  • Do not oversell: Customers shouldn’t be pushed to buy the product. Adequate information provided will be enough for them to take the buying decision.
  • Being confrontational: Don’t be rude with the customer if he makes a derogatory statement about your product -avoid being confrontational.

I hope this list gave you useful information about the mistakes sales people commonly make.

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