E-learning for Safety Training in Healthcare and Pharmaceutical Industry

E-learning for Safety Training in Healthcare and Pharmaceutical Industry

In Healthcare and Pharmaceutical Industry, Safety Training is most important since it is crucial to maintain a safe work environment and avoid workplace accidents. Every employee needs to be trained to take safety precautions on the job- to know how to prevent accidents and to learn how to respond to dangerous situations. It is not always possible to have classroom training sessions for this purpose. At the same time training cannot be unduly delayed. In such situations, online safety training ensures timely training for employees, who will then feel confident and reassured at work, which makes them much more productive. Here are some instances where eLearning is valuable for training.

Safety Training through eLearning:

It is estimated that safety training through eLearning has the potential to help organizations save nearly 80% of the costs that would be incurred if traditional training methods were adopted.

The U.S Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) states that every employee is  required to undergo safety training in his organization to be safe from hazards. In Healthcare and Pharmaceutical industry, employees as well as patients need to be trained on health safety precautions.  E-learning is a viable option for this purpose.

Chemical Safety:

In the Pharmaceutical industry, employees work on research and development of drugs. Employees use chemicals for sterilizing, sanitizing and testing of a drug. For preventing contamination in the laboratory, safety training must be given to the employees before they actually begin working. Online training will help the employees to better understand handling and use of chemicals. Moreover, such training needs to be repeated periodically to better assimilate the subject matter, something best done through online methods.

Safe Handling of Equipment:

In Healthcare and Pharmaceutical industry handling medical equipment is very important for employees as well as patients. Employees must know how to properly use the equipment. Through online training with product simulations, employees can experience beforehand the use of even delicate equipment. Safe handling of laboratory glassware when employees need to use thin glassware for the chemical mixtures can be made into small training modules for easy access when needed.

Personal Health Safety:

Personal health safety training is required for both employees and patients in the Healthcare and Pharmaceutical industry. When employees are on the job, they should take care of machinery to avoid possible damage to themselves, equipment and property. Safe practices in handling equipment to avoid accidents and ensuring personal health and safety are important aspects of the job and cannot be undermined. Through eLearning, employees can be trained on personal health safety to ensure they are more safety conscious while doing their jobs.

Examples: Electrical safety, Back safety, Eye safety, Fire safety.

A high percentage of on the job accidents are preventable when online training in the form of safety videos, eLearning modules and interactive kiosks are utilized.

Healthcare and Pharmaceutical industry can benefit immensely when Safety training is ensured through eLearning. Online safety training is convenient and cost effective. It enables managers to keep track whether employees have completed the stipulated training. Employees can also be given certificates on successful completion of the training. From the training manager’s perspective, online safety training is an investment that will give long-term benefits to employees as well as to the organization. Proper training is necessary for every employee to ensure on-the-job safety and eLearning is a smart way accomplishing it.

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