Safety Training to Your Office Staff

Safety Training to Your Office Staff

Safety Training to Your Office Staff

Safety training is provided to employees to rescue them from situations associated with risks and accidents that take place in the workplace. Safety programs are actually meant to educate them on the risks and dangers that they could possibly confront in the workplace. Providing such kind of programs to your office staff helps them to understand the guidelines on how to handle the safety issues that take place unexpectedly

Let’s have a look at some of the statistics showing the death rates due to injuries in the workplace.

• According to OSHA, about 5200 Americans die because of the workplace injuries and on-the-job accidents.

• In addition, nearly 4.3 million American workers were seriously affected due to non-fatal workplace injuries at an annual cost of more than $156 billion to U.S. business.

• According to the survey conducted by Australian Bureau of Statistics on work-related injuries, it has been revealed that 53 out of each 1000 workers faced injuries and 216 workers died due to injuries.

Don’t you think you need to train your office staff to protect themselves from such untoward incidents? If your answer is yes, you first need to be aware of some of the threats that exist in the office and know how to prevent them.

  • Electrical equipment

Major injuries occur due to the lack of proper electrical equipment in the office. This may primarily occur due to faulty equipment like improper switchboards. Even the unsafe installation of equipment and misusing them cause injuries. Ensure that all equipment are properly grounded to avoid shock injuries. Providing enough outlets will also prevent circuit overloading.

  • Ergonomics

Ergonomics is the science concerned with the understanding of interactions between humans and equipment. This might be the major threat that employees face within the office. They generally feel strained working for longer hours sitting with an improper posture. The key factors include the viewing angle (the eye level when viewing the PC) and support for lower back and feet on the floor. Make sure you work in a proper way sitting in the right position.

  • Falls

Falling is a common accident among employees in the workplace. The main reason for this is the wrong placement of objects. Office furniture and equipment could come in the way of employees who are trying to reach a particular object, thereby triggering them to fall. To avoid falls, make sure that the pathways are clear. Place electrical cords and cables away from the walkway.

  • Poor lighting

This can also be a major contributing factor for accidents in the workplace. This may cause visual problems like eye-strain and double vision, which make the employees fall ill. Ensure that you have a proper lighting system in your office like having a light-colored paint on the walls.

  • Combustible materials

Combustible materials like fiber easily catch fire and emit toxic fumes sometimes resulting in human deaths. You may place them in fire-resistant areas. Fire extinguishers and alarms are a must in the workplace.


You surely have heard about the injuries that occur most often in the workplace. To prevent them, safety training is recommended to the staff. So it is the duty of the organizations to educate and provide employees the accredited safety training to avoid injuries and loss of lives.

How is safety training delivered?

Safety training in most of the organizations is delivered via on-the-job and classroom instructions that require more time and cost. So to train the employees on safety measures
ELearning can be the best option. This method of learning provides cost-effective and “anytime” “anywhere” learning to a large number of employees. Using eLearning you can create awareness of the risks in your office to the employees in an engaging way.

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