What’s the Relationship between Safety Management System and Employee Productivity?

What’s the Relationship between Safety Management System and Employee Productivity?

What's the Relationship between Safety Management System and Employee Productivity

Safety Management System is an effective management tool for achieving safety, within an organization. We all know that having a Safety Management System adds value to Employee Productivity. Let’s look at what a Safety Management System is and its benefits.

A Safety Management System is a systematic set of activities, through which organizations are aiming to achieve employee Safety. The main objective of a Safety Management System is to control risks and improve safety in working conditions for employees. It basically focuses on proactive identification of hazards and analysis of their risk. Also, it provides effective risk-based decision power and helps companies in identifying risks, before they become bigger problems.

Benefits of Successful Implementation of a Safety Management System

1. Improves Safety: Safety Management System helps organization in achieving safe and healthy working conditions. It brings awareness in the employees of the safety processes, so that risk of accidents reduced.

2. Helps in Decision Making: Employees are involved in the process of Safety Management System, which will help them in effective decision making, according to the need and situation.

3. Improves Employee Engagement: Safety Management System helps to improve employee self-esteem and job satisfaction, which directly strengthens good corporate culture.

4. Progression in Effective Resource Utilization: Safety Management System promotes effective communication, between the management and employees. This will result in proactive maintenance tasks, when the resource is available.

5. Organizations will also benefit, like it improves its financial stability and the business reputation will improve. There is a great reduction in direct and indirect costs, legal fees and insurance premiums.

Well, these are some of the benefits of implementing a Safety Management System to the organization, as well as employees. These factors will result in the quality output, so that the overall productivity of organization goes up.

Having an effective Safety Management System in place means that it is equally important to educate employees, on regular basis, about new practices. Employees should be aware of the new guidelines of the system and they should update their knowledge about the current changes in the policies.

Some of the effective ways of inculcating awareness of Safety Management Systems, to your employees are induction on your Safety Policy, using Posters at Workplace, effective use of eLearning to meet the compliance requirements and having presentations and videos of safety.

Please do share how your organization is implementing effective Safety Management Processes.

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