Promoting Safety Awareness in an Organization

Promoting Safety Awareness in an Organization

Promoting Safety Awareness in an Organization

We often hear about the news of major accidents taking place in organizations due to sheer negligence. Though it is not possible to control the actions of every employee at his/her desk, he/she needs to be trained on the required skills to protect himself/herself from various accidents. Organizations should create a culture of promoting safety at the work place.

Let’s look at a few ways to handle hazards in the workplace:

Workplace Injuries: Injuries in the workplace are very common. To avoid them, take the required safety measures and protect employees before any situation becomes worse. Create a safe work environment by actively identifying risks and taking all the required safety precautions. Employees should be trained on how to handle hazards and be safe at the workplace.

Inherent Safety: Protective systems installed in the workplace help protect employees from various hazards and minimize danger in the workplace. A protective design is implemented to avoid rather than control the dangers in the workplace environment.

Electrical Shock: Employees should be aware of electrical hazards as these can prove fatal. One should be very cautious and respond quickly in the event of a person getting an electrical shock. Sometimes these may even turn into fire accidents – it is important that everyone work collectively to minimize the loss occurring from such incidents.

Health and Safety Factors: All required precautions need to be taken in the workplace for employee well-being and safety. Purchase safety signs and place them in the required spots in the workplace. Employees are valuable and it is important that you make them know how to protect themselves from accidents.

Arrange Various Programs: Involve employees in various safety awareness activities. Organize training programs on how to reduce risks. Promote various campaigns about safety. Ask employees to conduct discussions on such topics. Appoint volunteers to guide and help them.

Safety Performance Measurement: Safety performance measures track the entire record of employees’ safety, measure risks involved and list necessary precautions to avoid dangers. These systems focus on the employees’ behavior and track how they are following safety measures to avoid risks. This awareness makes employees careful about their safety at the workplace and helps to avoid injuries.

Workplace safety can be achieved by the cooperation of every individual in the organization. Managers should take responsibility to identify potential hazards and avoid them. Organizations should train employees on how to protect themselves from various hazards. They need to make the work environment safe and secure for their most valuable asset, the employee. Creating an environment which is secure enables employees to work confidently with a peaceful frame of mind.

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  • The U.S. has revised its safety standards to a new ANSI set of regulations. This is for manufacturing companies.

  • As Steve mentions, different things motivate different people – therefore the incentives may not be the same for everyone. Most people that train enjoy being updated on training themselves – new methods of training; new ways to present materials; opportunities to speak; course development, etc. Those who educate others obviously believe in education themselves – so that could be an incentive that creates a win/win. Your trainers stay current and motivated – and that in turn motivates the learners because the materials are not the same old, same old. There are of course other ideas – but along the lines of what Steve is suggesting – find out what the motivators are – then provide incentives on that basis. Read some work on Daniel Pink and Simon Sinek. They both have TED videos as well and talk about the fact that money is not always a motivator – think recognition differently. (Not to suggest that this is where your question was headed…)

  • This is a necessary task for avoiding any disasters going to occur. The team is performing the wonderful task that many of us should follow to avoid any type of disasters.