Employee Active Participation in Training – Key to Safety at Work Place

Employee Active Participation in Training – Key to Safety at Work Place

Employee Active Participation in Training- Key to Safety at Work Place

Managers do not have all the solutions to safety issues, which occur in workplace, whereas employees will have the knowledge and experience of how the job is done and how it affects them. Hence there is a need of employee’s involvement in every step in Safety process.

The philosophical approach of the Employee Involvement Model (EI) is based on the premise that employees have unique abilities, skills and knowledge that can be used to empower them to create a safe work environment.

Employee participation can make a significant contribution in identifying the real problems incorporating safety culture, designing safety policy, identifying hazards, achieving customer satisfaction and resolving communication barriers.

Let’s look at a case study how employee participation and involvement made a significant change in organization’s growth.

Employee Participation Significance

Allegheny Energy’s LM6000 Group operates three combustion turbine facilities in Southwestern Pennsylvania. This Company used to face complaints about the use of flash hoods, which are required for certain operations. When the company asked group of employees to resolve the issue, they have successfully found an alternative of ventilated hoods. In another case, with the employee involvement and support company also found best solution for its fall protection issue.

Thus, involving employees and giving them a role in finding solutions has helped Allegheny Energy to build both a positive safety culture in the organization and an accident free environment.

Employee Training

On the other hand, comprehensive safety training program promotes employee safety and it spreads knowledge and awareness of the safety measures, which they need to take while working.

Employee safety training will improve safety and employee engagement at workplace, helps in quick decision making, results in effective resource utilization, improves productivity and helps in reducing the direct and indirect cost.

Let’s look at a case study on how employee training resulted in reducing cost and improving safety at workplace.

Hypotherm is a manufacturer of high-tech plasma and laser-cutting tools and machines.

With its focus on quality, the company has provided extensive safety training to its employees. The impact was that  this resulted in 25% cost reduction in machine crashes and down time.

Also, within 3 years, the company’s workers’ compensation costs have fallen by 90 percent   and it has consistently been named a “Best Place to Work” in the state.

Thus, Employee Participation and Employee Training are the key factors to safety at Work Place. What do you think? Is there a way to combine employee participation and employee training?

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