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How, What, When and Why to Use Rollovers or Hotspots in eLearning?

How, What, When and Why to Use Rollovers or Hotspots in eLearning?

No matter how effective your eLearning course is, your learners often lose focus, get bored or disturbed by external fray. As an instructional designer, it’s your job to help them maintain their focus, dominate their senses and prevent them from getting disturbed.

In order to do so, we normally use various types of interactivities. One such type of interactivity is Rollovers or Hotspots.

What are Rollovers and Hotspots?

It’s a click-and-learn type of interactivity. In Hotspots, the learner should click the icon or spot to reveal the text. In Rollovers the learner may just roll the cursor over the icon.

What are Rollovers and Hotspots?

Why to Use Rollovers and Hotspots?

Interactivities are used in eLearning courses to engage and make the learners stay focused on the course. Rollovers or Hotspots ask the learners to click to know. When the user clicks, related information is displayed; this pattern allows the user to explore the information to keep them engaged.

Why to Use Rollovers and Hotspots?

When to Use Rollovers and Hotspots?

For example, consider a product training course. The requirement is to explain the parts of the product on a single slide. Keeping heavy content on the slide may turn the learners off. Hotspots or Rollovers are very useful in such a context.

How to Use Rollovers and Hotspots?

With the advent of rapid authoring tools, you need not possess any technical ability or coding skills to create or use Rollovers or Hotspots. Authoring tools such as Lectora, Adobe Captivate and Articulate Storyline have in-built features that can enable you to create such interactivities easily.

Here is an example of a typical hotspot interactivity that we used to explain the working and parts of pneumatic actuators:

Click to View Animation

Such types of interactivities not only engage and maintain your learners’ focus but also enhance the overall learning process. Have anything to share? Please do so!

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