ROI and E-Learning – Myths and Realities

ROI and E-Learning - Myths and Realities

ROI and E-Learning - Myths and Realities

According to a recent report, the growth rate of e-learning by country is as follows. India: 55%, China: 52%, Malaysia: 41%, Romania: 38%, Poland: 28%, Czech Republic: 27%, Brazil: 26%, Indonesia: 25%, Colombia: 20%, Ukraine: 20%.

With the growing adaption of e-learning techniques, arises the need to analyze if the reasons behind this shift are myths or realities. These reasons could be anything from the cost effectiveness of e-earning to increased ROI. What factors are used to evaluate the effectiveness of adopting e-learning for training programs? How does adopting e-learning instead of classroom training for certain trainings such as product, software and compliance actually help an organization?

Want to know the answers to the above questions and more? Check out the free eBook ‘ROI and E-learning – Myths and Realities’ which covers the following:

  • The reasons for evaluating training programs
  • The 4 levels of Donald Kirkpatrick’s training evaluation model
  • The 4 steps of calculating ROI
  • How e-learning offsets the disadvantages of classroom trainings for product, software and compliance trainings
  • What e-learning can learn from the world of advertising

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