Blended Learning: Increase The Reach and Efficiency of Training within Your Budget

A Roadmap to Implementing Blended Learning

Blended Learning: Increase The Reach and Efficiency of Training within Your Budget

Your employees are located worldwide and there are varied and many training needs. However, you have limited budgets. This is a common problem every training manager of global organizations face. This is the driving force behind the adoption of technology-enabled learning. But we cannot depend exclusively on technology or self-paced learning courses to solve that problem. Both traditional and technology-enabled learning approaches in tandem can be the effective solution. This is known as blended learning.

Blend ILT training and e-learning for your organizational training strategy to improve the ROI and effectiveness of the employees. Blended learning is the best format to train your employees. Based on the content type, you can create the best method to teach a subject, which will greatly improve the results.

Blended learning allows learners to choose two different learning tools, Synchronous and Asynchronous learning. It gives flexibility and convenience to how and when they want to learn.

Synchronous Learning: Many leaners learn better in a face-to-face training session because ILTs provide face-to-face interactions and it enables connections between people. It includes live classroom and virtual classroom.

  • Live classroom: This method of training allows learners and instructors to be located in the same place for face-to-face training. The instructor can change direction as required, mainly if the learners find any topic difficult. The instructor can also provide unique cases/custom requirements based on learner interest. Engage the learners by group discussions and practice.
  • Virtual classroom: This method of training allows learners and instructors in the different place at the same time. These trainings are conducted using web meeting tools. Learners do not need to be in a classroom. They can attend the training session from anywhere by using web meeting tools.

We can use this method of training to teach soft skills, leadership skills, and kinesthetic skills

Asynchronous learning: Self-paced e-learning make sure that there is consistency in the format and delivery of content. No dependence on instructors and learners can do their training at their convenient time and place. It includes e-learning and other online resources such as PDFs, web pages, videos, assessments, and simulation-based learning. 

We can use this method of training to teach basic concepts, policies, and procedures and to easily update and communicate information to the global learners.

Blended Learning Example: When one of our clients wanted to provide training to sales people (fresher and experienced) to improve/update their sales skills to sell more products, we came up with the appropriate plan for them to fulfill this requirement.

  1. ILT (Classroom Training Basic): First they have a classroom training, which includes basic information on the sales techniques.
  2. Online Assessment (Basic): Then within two weeks, they are given an assessment from the LMS to test their knowledge.
  3. E-learning Module (Basic): Based on their scores, they will either be promoted to the next e-learning module or be asked to take the classroom training.
  4. Online Assessment (Basic): Based on the e-learning module again, they are given an assessment to work on to test their knowledge.
  5. ILT (Classroom Training Advanced): Based on the score, they were either assigned to the Advance Level of Sales Training or asked to refer to the basic e-learning module once again.
  6. Final Online Assessment (Advanced): Based on the ILT Advanced training, they are given an assessment to test their knowledge. If their scores are low, then they are asked to refer to the ILT advanced level training.

Blended Learning Example

Source: Blended learning strategies

Depending on your requirements, you can use a combination of traditional and technology-enabled learning to deliver your training effectively. Do you have anything to say? Please do share!

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