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Are you Ready for eLearning with the Right Infrastructure?

Are you Ready for eLearning with the Right Infrastructure?

As far as infrastructure is concerned, when it comes to eLearning, we think of servers, bandwidth, LMS/ LCMS etc. all very expensive to acquire and sometimes time consuming to set up. So, do you have the required infrastructure to get started with eLearning?

You already have the infrastructure if you:

  • Are using computers
  • Have Internet and Intranet access
  • Have a training hall with web conferencing facility
  • Are active on Social Media –
    • Facebook
    • Twitter and
    • LinkedIn

You don’t need an LMS/ LCMS to start with.

I know of an oil major, which for the first 5 years or so, used multimedia as teaching aids in their training centers and classroom, before they ventured out to deliver learning online.

While you may be in a hurry to roll out a full-fledged eLearning solution, I would like to suggest that if your existing trainers and a sizeable chunk of learners are exposed to some elements of online training in a gradual manner, the chances that organization-wide eLearning will take off will be high.

Start with the present Infrastructure

Initially start with what you have. Once learners become familiar with eLearning, then you can scale up the infrastructure to include a Learning Management System.

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