Reinforce Product Knowledge Through eLearning

Reinforce Product Knowledge Through eLearning

Reinforce Product Knowledge Through eLearning

Knowledge of products is important to sales people as they educate customers about their products. Hence, their knowledge of products has to be comprehensive so that they are able to address customer queries and influence their purchase decisions.

Is product training through classroom sessions adequate?

How is product training typically given to sales people? Most companies opt for a classroom-training format led by an instructor, who would be either a product manager or a sales manager. PowerPoint presentations and product demonstrations are made to introduce the product and highlight its main features.

At the end of the training program, sales people are given some product literature with a detailed manual posted online for easy reference and download. The knowledge exchange that takes place during the instructor-led training (ILT) sessions is valuable and helpful to introduce the products and give an overview about their features. However, a sales person can remember only a limited amount of information from all that is shared during the product training sessions. Would the sales people retain all the knowledge required for them to sell their Company’s products confidently?

Reinforcement training is extremely important if you want your sales team to get a grip on the product and develop confidence in selling them to your prospects. One way of doing that is to develop eLearning modules that reinforce product knowledge for sales people. These courses can be delivered online to your sales personnel who can take them at a convenient time – while travelling, while waiting for clients and so on. It acts as a reference guide that can be easily accessible when required or periodically just to brush up their product knowledge.

Thus, reinforcing product knowledge through online product training will enable you to empower your sales team with better product knowledge for effective selling.

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