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Can Product Training Bring Down Customer Support Requests?

Written By Navyatha Bodanapu

Can Product Training Bring Down Customer Support Requests?

The answer to this question is an unhesitating “Yes!” You will be surprised to see the magnitude of benefits you can get, by training your customers on your products. Here are some cases to prove my point.

  • In a recent research conducted with Alamo-rent-a-car, 2,000 customers were mailed a pamphlet, along with a guide on how to rent a car. Another 2,000 customers were mailed just the pamphlet. The results were:(
    • Educated customers (customers receiving the guide) were 15 % more willing and comfortable, to rent from Alamo, the next time.
    • Educated customers reported a 24 % high overall satisfaction, compared to the other group of customers.
  • According to an analysis performed by collecting the data from 2000 September to May 2001, regarding the number of complaints filed, by three anonymous online retailer companies, it was found that:
    • 12.7 % of the total complaints filed, were based on lack of information factor.
    • About 10.3 % of the complaints filed, were based on the product failure factor. (source: Analysis of complaints from customer service centre)
  • ZAP, the electronic scooters manufacturers, found that more than 70 % of their customers, could solve their problems by themselves by just a click on the mouse, when the user guide was a part of their website, while it was not of that easy when the guide was removed from the website and they received quite a lot of customer support requests. (source:

With the complaints reported on lack of information factor, it is observed that a majority of them are reported immediately after the product purchase. This is because of the lack of sufficient product usage knowledge. Once the customer is educated on products immediately after purchase, he gets to know the dos and don’ts, safety features, procedures, processes, operation and usage of the product. As he is well acquainted with the product, he can resolve his issues by himself and this more likely, enhances his satisfaction on the purchase. There are less chances of him coming back and repeatedly requesting for customer support.

Thus we see that most of the complaints reported are because of the improper usage of the products, which in turn is because of the lack of information regarding product usage. Educating customers will go a long way in yielding the twin benefits of bringing down the customer support requests and enhancing customer satisfaction.

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